Recycled Hope

  • My I celebrate you. I celebrate this life we have been given and the children we have been trusted with, to teach and to LOVE. Relationships can be challenging yet I come out of our challenging moments loving you even more. I love the way you love me, is loyal, understanding, forgiving and accepting. Thank you for allowing me to dream and grow, and most of all, thank you for the desire to grow with me. I am so thankful for you babe. I love you endlessly and am so grateful to do life with you ❤
  • My sweet I thank you. 
Thank you for teaching me every day to stay brave, to be wild, to love hard, to be confident, to be a light in this world. There is a beautiful responsibility being your momma...everytime your big beautiful eyes look up at me, I am jolted with determination to teach you how to be a fire that won't be contained, a soul that cannot be crushed, a heart that endlessly loves on people and a girl who knows her worth. YOU ARE WORTHY! I am beyond grateful that i have been trusted to be your momma. I love you Cora Lee 🖤 Happy birthday 
#youmakemeabetterperson #2yearsold
  • Today marks 6 years of freedom from a drug addiction that was consuming my life ..... I chose life. I chose freedom. I chose to stand up and face my fears. I chose to take a step without knowing exactly where it would lead me; and it was the best step I have taken. It led me to these three humans in this picture. Though the journey has not always been easy, the lessons and trials have made me stronger. God was conditioning me for now. He equipped me with fresh eyes, a soft heart, an obedient soul and a fire that cannot be contained. He taught me how to surrender and kindly re-teaches me how to let it go. I am so grateful for this life He has blessed me with and will continue to strive to be a bright light in this world. 
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  • "Like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would." E.V.
  • Liam Galloway....your kind, old soul teaches me how to love more deeply. I love the way you love.
  • You are wild and brave, Cora Lee. You inspire me little one 💗
  • Happy birthday little sister!!! I thought I would reminisce of all of our AMAZING sister photos....we were so cool 😜 I love you very much doo 💗 @echambs8