Meet me!

My name is Chelsea. I am a dreamer. I am the epitome of a dreamer. My heart bleeds for the better of all things. If there is a problem, there must be a solution. This beautiful characteristic has brought many challenges along the way and it has been a lifelong journey of developing an understanding for this gift. I gravitate towards any idea that’s conclusion imitates world happiness and peace; which brings me to the exact reasons for my writings. This idea of a “perfect world” does not exist. We are all created so individually and not one is the same. So how can we all agree on everything?
Along this journey of writing and expressing raw emotions, I have learned the most, sometimes by the very people that in fact, disagree with me. It can be a daunting task when striving to accept all opinions and the differences we all have from one another. There are certain topics that reside in the deepest, most vulnerable parts of my soul and to accept an opposing thought, leaves me feeling as though I abandoned my point. Yet the thought that brings me back to love, hope and understanding, is simply that we all need each other. No matter what our opinions are, PEOPLE NEED PEOPLE. We all have passions and desires, and most of all, we all want to be heard.
This blog is founded on the cornerstone of hope and love. If we could choose hope and love, I truly believe the power to change this world, is limitless. We can be the good in this world and spread light like wildfire by uniting as a community.
My hope for this blog is to inspire each individual to identify what passion is yours and to act. Act on hope. Act on love. And witness the organic movement of PEOPLE LOVING PEOPLE!

I am married to the love of my life, Jesse. There is something you should know about my husband and I. We disagree on A LOT! I can imagine that is not abnormal when married to a dreamer. Yet he has stood by me in some of the darkest moments of our lives and continues to demonstrate the kind of man I want to keep falling in love with, every day of my life. This blog has been swallowing up my thoughts and efforts and it is absolutely necessary that his support is given; and it has been. He allows me to be the authentic me and keeping his mind open to accept our differences, is something I have learned from him throughout our 11 years of knowing one another.
Liam and Cora are our amazing blessings! They are the reason for this adventure of experiencing hope and learning how to keep my thoughts and efforts pointed towards hope, love and acceptance. This world is theirs too and I will spend the rest of my days striving to be an example for them and the kind of people I pray they become. There is something to be said about the changes that occur when one is blessed with a child. My children saved my life and reminded me of the person I was originally created to be. I am forever grateful and owe my life to the gift of my children.